Five reasons why YOU must have a birth photographer to document that unforgettable moment of your life.

Birth photography is very personal and the person you choose should be someone who is ready at the drop of a hat. Choosing the right birth photographer to be there to capture those moments that are personal to you is the hardest part. Once this is done the relationship you build lasts a lifetime.

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Birth photography is unlike any other type of session you would have because it is built on trust and love. This is fairly a new trend (and a beautiful one at that), but just like a wedding this is a moment parents are so thankful they have to look back on. 

No, this is not all open leg shots; hospital photography is more about telling a story. It’s having someone there you trust to document this special day in your life to cherish forever.

Why you need a birth photographer?

Maternity Ward

delivering baby

         1.This is something you can have tailored to you comfort, birth photographers can get any shots you want to your comfort level.

  • This can be anything from just documenting the hospital, room number, monitors, reactions of your spouse, and how you both are together such as, hand holding etc.
  • To all of the above including the actually delivery, placenta etc. As stated above this is tailored to YOUR comfort level.


         2.These are moments you will never get back, and after seeing my included sample video you will realize how important this can be.

        3.These are moments you will have to cherish forever.

      4. These are moments you can choose to share with all your family who couldn’t make it.

      5.Having these moments to look back on while your little bundle is growing up will bring you back to the beautiful moment they arrived on this earth.

Birth Photography

Baby meeting mother for the first time

The best thing about birth photography as a photographer, these are the moments people are real and I am documenting the truth.

If you are in the Portland area and looking for a wonderful hospital to deliver at, check out Maine Medical Center.

Maine Medical Center

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