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The Knight family | Omaha, Nebraska | OPPD Arboretum

The Knight family | Omaha, Nebraska | OPPD Arboretum

The Knight Family I had the privilege to see this fantastic couple again. I documented their engagement as well as ...
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baby sleeping, grabbing foot, navy blue deer hat and pants

Midcoast Maine Newborn Photographer | Camden

Midcoast Maine Newborn Photographer Being a newborn photographer is a challenging yet rewarding job to have. There is so much ...
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baby wrapped in white wrap on greay fur sleeping

Baby Pictures | Declan | Portland, Maine

Baby Pictures Baby pictures! It’s a must have for every mother and is always what they rave about! As a ...
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Portland Maine Portrait Photographer, girl in white dress, blue jean jacket, boy in black blazer and blue jeans sitting on stairs by a red door

Portland Maine Portrait Photographer | Kids Fashion

Seriously, you know you want this to be your kids! Is there anyone more handsome and beautiful to sport these ...
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Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer, wrapped in a brown wrap with brown fur sleeping with brown hat

Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer | Baby Damon

Baby Damon has arrived!! What an adventure this momma had. Like all new moms she had a delivery plan, she ...
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Sleeping newborn baby in a superhero suit

Portland Maine Newborn Photographer | Baby Avery

I want to welcome newborn baby Avery to this crazy adventurous world. At only three weeks old he has already ...
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Newborn baby photographer, newborn session, bonnet

Newborn baby Photographer in Augusta Maine | Madeline

Welcome Madeline, 10 days new in the studio in Augusta, Maine! What a beautiful little girl she is! This momma ...
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Autism Walk, Portland Maine, walk for autism

Portland, Maine Autism Walk | Autism Speaks

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!” As many of you know April is Autism Awareness month ...
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cake smash, midcoast maine portrait photographer, portland newborn photographer

Midcoast Maine Cake Smash | Portland newborn Photographer | Baby Jaxon

The trend all Portland, Maine newborn Photographers are raving about, the cake smash sessions. There is nothing better than when ...
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Birthday, Portrait Photographer

Paint Party | Maine Portrait Photographer

This is Elena, she just turned 7. When I gaze into her eyes I ask myself as an aunt how ...
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Midcoast Maine Baby Shower

Baby Shower Extravaganza | Midcoast Maine

Baby Showers are the best parties to have right before you have your little bundle of joy, not only for ...
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Maine Maternity - Milk Bath Session

Maine Maternity – Milk Bath Session

Maine maternity photographers love when a new mom comes in to the studio, but we really love when a momma ...
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Maine Portrait Photographer

Maine Portrait Photographer

How I got my start in Photography: It all started after I took a photo of my best friend’s daughter ...
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Maternity Photos

5 Reasons you should have Maternity Photos | Little Owls

You’re expecting! Congratulations!  Among a million other things you’re thinking about – you are trying to prep for your little ...
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What to Wear

Photo Session: What to Wear | Little Owls

I feel like one of the biggest worries parents of newborns have for their photo sessions are “What should I ...
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Baby Shower Gifts

7 Unique Baby Shower Gifts | Little Owls

You or someone you know is having a baby – hooray!  Most likely – you will be invited to attend ...
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Labor and Delivery maine newborn photography

Baby Elliott’s Labor and Delivery | Little Owls

Welcome Baby Elliott, be sure to see his video at the bottom. This session has been a long time coming ...
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Autism Speaks | Little Owls Photography

Autism Speaks | Little Owls Photography

Autism Awareness month is approaching (April) and I wanted to take the time to share this blog with everyone to ...
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bake, baking

Take a Break and Bake | Maine Newborn Photographer

Have you ever sat back and looked at the life you live and wondered why things are always so busy? ...
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Picture Perfect Skin

Picture Perfect skin | Maine Newborn Photographer

Welcome to motherhood– hooray! And you’ve got everything checked off your list – outfits, the adorable personal props you just ...
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What to Wear, Baby Girls in a basket, Souther Maine newborn Photographer

Just a baby girl | Southern Maine newborn Photographer

What a gorgeous little girl she is. Introducing baby girl Kennedy. This blog post has been a long time coming ...
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Tiara Tea Party, Maine Portrait Photographer

Tiara Tea Party | Southern Maine Photographer

Is there anything better than a Tiara Tea party to support the Mrs. Harpswell in the upcoming Ms. Maine Pageant? ...
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Harry Potter fans, baby girl in Harry Potter books with wizard glasses

All Harry Potter Fans | Maine Newborn Photographer

Attention all Harry Potter Fans: This Southern Maine Newborn Photographer went Harry Potter! For all you Harry potter fans out ...
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Maine newborn Photographer | Nicole and Josh | Maternity

Nicole and Josh's Maternity Session 2017 has been full of amazingness for many of us but particularly for me. I ...
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Newborn session with props

Tips for a STELLAR Newborn Session

It's finally here, the moment you have you little bundle of joy in your arms and you get to get ...
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Christmas Tree Session

Christmas Tree Session | Little Owls Photography

It's finally here!!! Christmas tree sessions, and what better way to carry out the season than with the amazing Hatch ...
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Central Maine Children's Photography -Apple Orchard Session

Omi’s Apple Orchard Session | Whitefield, Maine | Central Maine Children’s Photography Shoot

Apple Orchard Session | Whitefield, Maine | Central Maine Children's Photography Shoot Omi's Apple Orchard Session was a success and ...
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Maternity Ward

5 Reasons you need a birth photographer | Portland, Maine

Five reasons why YOU must have a birth photographer to document that unforgettable moment of your life. Birth photography is ...
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maine newborn photography

Portland Maine Newborn Photographer | Baby Bridgett Session

Portland Maine Newborn Photographer Catherine J.Gross: Introducing baby Bridgett, look at this cutie! Does it get any more adorable than her?! This ...
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newborn girl, What to Wear, Vintage

5 steps to a safe newborn session : Newborn Photographer Saftey

Baby’s safety always comes first. As a newborn photographer, there is nothing more important than a safe newborn session. When ...
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