Charlotte’s Cake Smash

Charlotte’s mother brought her in for a botanical themed cake smash and boy did we all have a great time. Charlotte is a spicy little girl full of love, joy and laughter. At first when she came in she was wary of the new place. A cake smash changes everything once you discover cake is involved.

Charlotte was thrilled to wear that beautiful dress but not as happy as she was to wear the elegant hair piece. I quickly discovered she loves wearing pretty things and she is quite particular. Once she put on her dress and he hair bow she was ready to go.

baby girl in a white dress with a botanical themed cake looking at the camera smiling

one year old girl looking down at her eaten cake

Cake Smash

Once Charlotte was presented with her yummy cake she hesitated but once she got her fingers in there, there was no turning back. Getting into this cake was a challenge but like I said once she made her way she loved it.

One year old girl looking at and poking her cake

one year old girl in white dress looking at the camera eating cake off her finger

One year old girl looking at the camera with a white cake mouth open

One Year Photos

These are the moments that are often forgotten. Make sure to take the time to soak up these moments allow yourself to document these moments. These are the simple moments where all you have to do is show up and I will do all the work while you get to sit back and laugh at all the amazing things that happen during these sessions. For more cake smash sessions and one year photos see Henry’s and Baby Luke’s sessions.

botanical themed white cake that has been eaten by the one year old girl

One year girl eating cake

Owl My Love,