Fairy Tale Photography Session in Augusta, Maine

young white girl dressed in white vintage dress jumping over water with sun coming in from the right

There is something magical about dressing up and getting sucked into the world of fantasy. Fairy tale photography sessions allow you to watch your child get swept away in the joy and “realness” of magic. They allow you to feel the magic and love your child feels when you are there. You get to see the smile on their face when they see themselves in their images, you get to join in and share the magical adventure, not to mention see those beautiful images hang in your home to share with everyone else.

young white girl dressed in white vintage dress reaching down and touching the water facing away from the camera for fairy tale photography


young white girl bending down in tthe forest smelling a purple flower, sun coming in from the right

Believe In Magic

The world is so busy and always buzzing with excitement and work-related activities that we often don’t have time to enjoy the simple things in life. As we grow to be adults and get sucked into the work-life, Magic becomes a thing of the past until you have kids of your own. It’s important to remember to stop and take the time to immerse yourself in the beauty and joy of magic.

Young white girl running through the woods at dusk


Young white girl dancing on a bridge holding her dress out in black and white

Emily’s Fairy tale Photography Vision

So began the story of Emily and her magical adventure. When Emily came to me she wanted to wear this beautiful white vintage girls dress and bask in her own magical journey, so that’s exactly what we did. We turned on the music and ate snacks while I curled her hair and did her makeup. Being a young girl and having your hair and makeup done is magical and fun in and of itself. We talked, laughed, and told jokes while admiring her young beauty. These are the perks of being a children photographer.

Once we were done, off we were to our first whimsical location. Of course, once we arrived we had to do a little climbing and sliding to get to the perfect location but it was so worth it as you can see. Our adventure was one we will always remember, it was filled with much laughter and joy.

Young white girl sitting on stone over water looking into the water with sun coming through the right side fairy tale photography


Owl My Love,


Catherine Gross

Catherine Gross


My name is Catherine and I am a newborn and family portrait photographer in Maine. I love nothing more than cuddling a sweet baby or creating a stunning, fairytale work of art..

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Catherine Gross

My name is Catherine and I am a newborn, child, and family fine art portrait photographer located in Central Maine. I love nothing more than cuddling a sweet baby or creating a stunning, fairytale work of art.

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