Fantasy Photography

Fantasy Photography is something that has been around for quite some time and is something I really enjoying doing when time permits. It allows me as a photographer to be creative and fun while giving families a work of art to admire for years to come. This type of photography is vastly different than family portraits, newborns, or weddings that I do. Clients that are looking for fantasy photography are searching fine art portraits, they want something creative and magical that will fit their personalities or their child’s personality and it’s something fun for them all to enjoy.

young girl, small smirk, red dress, tree farm covered in white snow, grey faux fur on shoulders

young girl, red coat, looking at the camera, hand on her hip, curly hair, black boots, tree farm, snow covered trees, winter,

How It Started

Talk about spur of the moment photoshoot! When you are a photographer you are always searching for the perfect location, the perfect light, and the most aesthetically pleasing situation as possible, but when you are a photographer and a teacher you don’t always have the time to grasp those perfect situations.

I was driving down the road on a snow day right when I passed Mr. Bradburry’s tree farm, all those beautiful trees coated in fresh snow and I had an idea! I grabbed Elena, did her hair, and makeup (Younique products), threw a few outfits in the car and rushed out the door to beat the light.

young girl, curly hair, red dress, standing sideways, looking at the camera, tree farm, snow covered trees, snowing

young girl running, curly hair, red dress, grey faux fur, looking sideways to the camera, tree farm, snow covered trees, winter, curly hair half up and half down

Young girl, white shirt, grey faux fur on her shoulders, curly hair, tree farm, snow covered trees, winter, sideways looking at the camera

Vikings Style

Once we arrived at the tree farm Elena was wearing black leggings, black boots, a red top topping it off with a faux fur throw she looked like a character right out of the Vikings. So we went with it.

What an adventure this was, we had to climb over snow banks to get to where we needed to go, but once we got there and began taking those pictures it all became worth the climb. Elena was the perfect model for this shoot because she had to maintain a certain level of seriousness.

Young girl red dress, curly hair, hair half up and half down, red dress, hand on her hip, looking at the camera, tree farm, snow covered trees, smiling


young irl, curly hair, half up, red dress, grey faux fur on shoulders, large wolf at her side, snowing, tree farm, snow covered trees, night time, hands on her hips, no smile.

Snow Fun

Of course fantasy sessions are so amazingly fun! What makes them more fun is when you are always falling in the snow and getting photobombed by Mr. Bradburrys amazing dog! What an experience this was!

snow covered trees, tree farm, young girl, red dress, almost falling, hands in the air, mouth open, curly hair, hair half up and half down

golden dog runnin towards the camera, tree farm, snow covered trees, snow flying.

young girl, red dress, looking at mother, tree farm, snow covered trees, winter, red coat, curly hair, smiling.

Owl My Love,



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