As a Maine Birth Photographer, I’d like you to welcome Baby Elliott, be sure to see his video at the bottom.

This session has been a long time coming. I had the privilege of documenting this momma’s delivery, and it was the best experience EVER! If you are on the fence about delivery photos, check out this blog it will surely make you think otherwise.


Labor and Delivery maine newborn photographyIt’s always a new experience for us all when I get to document new mothers because not every mother is the same; however one thing they all have in common is the excitement and anticipation of meeting their new little bundle of joy. Now this mother was not a first time mom but it was her first time having a labor and delivery session J and that made for a new adventure for us both.


When you have finally decided you want labor and delivery photos you go through the process of making a list of the “Oh YES! I want those” to the “Oh, HELL No!” pictures.

Again, every mother is different and you have to decide what approach you want to take. Regardless of the approach you choose be it documentation of your significant other holding your hand, emotions on both your faces, monitors, nurses/midwives or all of the above plus more detailed shots (placenta, baby coming out etc.). Not one way is better than the other; it is more about what you are comfortable with and what you want included in your story. It can be as vague to as detailed as you want it to be.

5 Reasons to have a Birth Photographer

This momma went through the same process before deciding to have me in the delivery room. She looked through various pictures on Pinterest to see what fit her and what didn’t, and that helped her to realize she wanted to tell the story of baby Elliott but in a comfortable way she wouldn’t mind sharing with the world. It was an honor to help her decide how best to tell her story. We planned and laughed the whole way, and once we had a plan in place all that was left to do was wait till baby Elliott was ready to make his appearance.

I still recall the day I got the call she was in labor. I rushed to the hospital and immediately began photographing all the details; once this was done we all sat back and shared stories and waited for labor to progress. As time ticked by it was finally time to push and meet baby Elliott. This momma spent a long time pushing but Elliott was a stubborn little guy and wasn’t ready to come out on his own. So a C-section was in place.


As a mother that is going through natural birth you have a plan. You spend months preparing for your baby and coming up with the best plan for their arrival, so when things begin to stray off the plan you naturally become nervous. This was such an emotional moment; this moment for both mother and father was filled with fear and excitement. There was that underlying question of what if something goes wrong.

Labor and Delivery

Once she was wheeled into the operating room it was a waiting game. Then the moment finally came, that moment when the doctors showed baby Elliott to his mother and father everything was perfect! All the fear and anxiety of going through a C-Section for the first time was finally lifted and all was well with the world again.


Nothing is more precious than when two partners in life see their child for the very first time. This is a moment that takes your mind away from all the pain and suffering in the world, and you have this amazing new life to love and cherish. Is there anything better than that?

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