The Milville Family

Meet the Milville family. I drove to their land in Manchester, Maine to document cutting their Christmas tree for the season, and what an adventure this was for us all. First of all, we had to walk down an extremely muddy path due to the “awesome” rain we got the night before (I know, rain in December who would’ve  thought???) but we did it, we mucked through the mud and ended up taking a 4-wheeler down that muddy trail, mud was splashing up everywhere. After the long adventure on that 4-wheeler we needed to cross a brook, now that was interesting, I am not sure Rachel (mom) was to excited about the whole process like the rest of us but she conquered it like a champion and we were all proud. After that lovely adventure we finally found the perfect tree, but the adventure doesn’t stop their.

 girls on 4-wheeler, coats on

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

When you spot the perfect Christmas tree but it’s not in the ideal location, but you NEED that one. See, this Christmas tree was next to a few other trees and near a wired fence, but it really was the Perfect tree so it needed to be that one. As we all sat near the 4-wheeler and talked about funny stories we watched as the girls dad used his chain saw to cut the tree in hopes that it would fall in the right direction. Needless to say, things don’t always go as planned. Yes, it fell on the wired fence. However, it was still saved and still perfect!

Dad cutting the tree with a chain saw

Tree fell on the wired fence

Dad, chain saw, Christmas Tree

Dad, his girls looking at the camera holding the freshly cut christmas tree

Taking the Tree Back

Now getting the tree was quite the adventure but getting it back to the house was quite a different story. If you remember we did have to take a 4-wheeler over a brook and through a muddy trail to get back to the main road. So once we all made it back to the main road, the girls dad had to go back solo to hike that tree onto the 4-wheeler. So we all waited eagerly near the house (mind you it was quite windy so we all waited in the car haha.) After some time had passed we see their dad coming up the path driving the 4-wheeler while holding onto the Christmas tree in the back! He made it! We all cheered as he brought the Christmas tree to the house.

Dad bringing the tree back on the 4-wheeler, looking at the camera

Manchester, Maine Family Photography

This holiday season I had the privilege of being part of other peoples family holiday traditions. Holiday traditions are important because they are what your children will remember as they grow older. creating these memories no matter how long or muddy they may be are always worth it. The best part is when you are living in the moment and have a photographer to capture your adventures you see all the things you didn’t get to see while you were enjoying the moment yourself.

family photos, looking at the camera , silly faces.

Owl My Love,

Catherine Gross