Maine maternity photographers love when a new mom comes in to the studio, but we really love when a momma comes in when she finally gets her girl or boy that she has been waiting for.

As a maternity photographer, I love to see the joy on every expectant mothers face when she has the chance to get her hair and makeup done and step into the limelight.

Milk Bath Maternity Photography is Special

This beautiful momma was in the studio to do a milk bath maternity session pregnant with her very first girl!! What a privilege it was to have her in the studio and see her get pampered and enjoy herself. We started off with some studio photos while the milk bath was getting ready, and let me tell you she was a natural in front of the camera and we all loved it.

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Maternity pictures are most fun when you get to share the experience with someone close.

Best friend in tow (you can’t do a session such as this without your bestie), maternity pictures are most fun when you get to share the experience with someone close. If you are using them to surprise your significant other, having your friend with you makes the maternity session that much more fun.

These women were laughing and enjoying every second of this photo session. As a photographer this is what I love to see. We played music, tried on several different outfits, and posed in the most beautiful fashion, while stopping for some laughs and silliness in the process. This is how photography sessions should be, light-hearted and fun mixed with a little sexiness.

This mother now has beautiful images to cherish and share with her spouse and her family. Sometimes, you may think maternity pictures aren’t that important or that you will look to “fat”, finding the right photographer who can capture your perfect angles and personality will make it worth it.

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It might seem insignificant now or a lot of work to convince yourself you need these but when your baby grows older and starts to become an adult you can look back to the beginning of that baby revel in the beauty and change called life. Trust me when I say you will be thankful you had someone there to capture those moments for you.

Maternity photos are definitely something to invest in, these are the moments that capture the essence of your beauty before you meet your little bundle of joy. They are the moments that allow you to embrace pregnancy and feel beautiful. These are moments that document the beginning of your journey into motherhood and track a beautiful timeline from your little ones very first beginnings of life. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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