The Knight Family

I had the privilege to see this fantastic couple again. I documented their engagement as well as their beautiful intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. Here we are again, but this time there are two new additions, baby Macey (the puppy) and baby Harper who is now 5 months old! (Time really does fly by). This experience went from a beautiful couple to a beautiful little family. I am so happy to see them love and grow together.

UsBorne Books

If yo haven’t tried UsBorne books it is an amazing company that sells books for kids of all ages and will change the way your kids read. This beautiful woman is my book lady and can be yours as well. Let her take you on the adventure and show you the world of books that will suck your children in to the magic UsBorne has to offer.

mother sitting on bridge in wooded areas reading to her baby on her lap


OPPD Arboretum

mom and baby in the woods in red and white flower dresses        daddy and baby girl in woods, white dress shirt, white flower dress and red bow

There has always been this hype about OPPD arboretum and I never had a chance to make it there often. Today, we decided this would be the best location for this small family session. Once I got there I began looking around for the perfect spot to begin. As I walked the paths I became overwhelmed with the beauty OPPD had to offer. This time of year OPPD had stunning flowers and bushes of all colors, trees that were tall and a lush green, and grass that has been well maintained. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful location.


This is a beautiful place to bring clients for a variety of my sessions. OPPD offers a wide variety of colors and “backdrops” for a change in scenery. It is very well kept an offers enough privacy and seclusion for my clients and their session.

dad holding baby up in the air, in white shit, baby in flower dress, in wooded area


family photos in the woods with dog and baby

Macey. She is the adorable puppy you see, can I just add I was so nervous going into this session. I had to talk myself through trying to get the attention of baby Harper and Macey, but she made it so easy! Dogs go missed many times when it comes to photoshoots (although they are family too.) I am so glad this couple included their adorable puppy. Macey was full of energy but when I called her name she stopped and looked straight at me while I took the pictures. Easies puppy EVER!!! Plus she is sooooo cute!

dad and his puppy on a bridge in the wooded area

Baby Harper

baby girl with red bow and white flower dress, held by mother in wooded area with a large smile.           Baby on picnic blanket, on tummy, with red bow and white flower dress, with USBorne books

As I stated before, I have known Blaine and Crystal for quiet some time, when they had their adorable baby Harper I couldn’t wait to get to Nebraska to meet her. When I first met her she had the biggest smile and was ready for her photoshoot. She was perfect during her session, always wide-eyed and full of smiles. This girls smile would bring joy to anyone, no wonder everyone loves her so much. Not to mention she is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I can’t wait to see her grow and document her milestones while seeing the joy and love of her mom and dad. Hopefully more to come another time, only older. 🙂

Please check out the beauty of this family.

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Owl My Love,