Baby Damon has arrived!! What an adventure this momma had. Like all new moms she had a delivery plan, she was going to deliver in Bar Harbor, Maine at MDI hospital. When she arrived at the hospital things went in the blink of an eye. As a Maine newborn photographer, I am always eagerly awaiting the call when one of my clients has gone into labor. After I get the call I know it will be soon that I get to hear them gush about their new mom life and cuddle their adorable brand new baby! 

Checking in Jade, (Damon’s mother) thought she had some time, so she called her love (who happened to be a little over an hour away in Midcoast Maine) to let him know they were having the baby that night. Little did they know baby Damon was ready to come out and meet everyone sooner rather than later.

As the time quickly passed, Jade was laboring with her best friend by her side until Wes (Damon’s father) could arrive. He made it just in the nick of time to see his sons arrival, and soak up all the love in the room. This is a story no one will ever forget. Talk about making a grand entrance!

10 days later he was getting ready for his very first newborn shoot. As a newborn photographer, 10 days is the best age and who doesn’t love to cuddle a 10 day old baby. Only 10 days new and he was in the studio and ready to go. (As many of you know newborn photos are best done around this time to help with the posing and sleeping)

Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer, mom, dad, new baby wrapped in blue sleeping in mothers arms while dad cradles mother

Newborn photos are always what mothers rave about, it is something they all want yet after having a baby it can be hard to pack everything up and head to a studio. I mean you just became a new mom after all. You’re still trying to get used to your new mom life, and leaving the couch can sometimes be a challenge. This is something all new moms go through and even moms that already have children. Let’s face it, when you have a child or in other cases add another child to your family you have that much more to do and it can be difficult. BUT, once you make it there the session is always fun, relaxing, and oh so adorable to watch. You also realize at that time why you decided not to do the photos yourself #Pinterestfail 😉


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Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer, new mother in white craddling her new sleeping baby wrapped in blue

Ok, Ok, back to baby Damon. Can I say perfect baby?! Seriously, he was a breeze and calm as a cucumber in any pose I put him in. If  was wrapped up and had a pacifier he was golden the whole way through, aside from some poop sessions or two 😉

When he arrived at the studio his mom fed him and changed him, I wrapped him and placed him in the arms of his parents and began photographing some of his first moments, and again he. Was. perfect. After that, it was all him, his very first photoshoot and like I said earlier, he rocked it!

Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer. mother craddling her new sleeping newborn wrapped in blue, dad kissing mothers forehead in black     Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer, sleeping newborn in nightmare before christmas hat and nightmare before christmas blanket, hands above his head

I can’t wait to watch him grow and continue to come back to the studio especially for a one year cake smash session (those are some of my favorites!)

Baby Damon has been a joy since he was born, he is growing, smiling, and beginning to coe at people when they make funny faces at him. He has captured the hearts of all that have had the pleasure of encountering him and will continue to spread love and happiness as he grows.

Portland, Maine Newborn Photographer, newborm wrapped in blue wrap sleeping in moon prop with cream fur, and blue stocking cap

Much love to the parents!


Owl My Love,