Seriously, you know you want this to be your kids!

Is there anyone more handsome and beautiful to sport these classy upscale outfits in Hallowell, Maine? I think not! Lucas and Elena killed it at their photo shoot, natural models in the making. Talk about a portrait session!

Lucas sporting the casual look of his Levi jeans, white button up shirt and his black blazer, paired with the alluring Elena in her black elegant dress and white dress shoes.

Portland Maine Portrait Photographer, boy in white dress up shirt and black blazer, levi jeans, girl in short black dress and white dress shoes standing in front of a brick wall

This stunning urban location makes for the most unique photo shoots, accentuating their bold personalities and elegant clothes while focusing on the texture and modern look of Hallowell, Maine.

Elena not only shows off her attractive black dress and beautiful personality, but also shows off her more relaxed, spunky self, swinging around in her white sundress and jean jacket.

Portland Maine Portrait Photographer, girl sitting against bright red door, legs folded up, white dress, jean jacket

Portland, Maine Portrait Photographers LOVE when things go just as they dreamed.

This was a styled shoot designed to give two different fashion looks, the casual, sporty look of jeans, and an everyday sun dress, while also presenting the casual nighttime feel of the blazer and elegant black dress. This shoot was done in natural light with no studio light help, these models are everyday kids not handpicked from an industry (as it should be), hair and makeup done by myself the photographer as well as the images you see.

Portland Maine Portrait Photographer, girl standing looking our, hand on hip, white dress, in front of bright red door, blue jean jacket over her shoulder        Hallowell Maine kids portraits, boy standing against red door, white dress shirt, levi jeans, black blazer over his shoulder, looking at camera

This session was planned from start to finish (well aside from the unexpected gorgeous red door) and was filled with fun from changing in the car, to swinging around light poles and racing up library stairs to get to the beautiful red door (that I had to have pictures by, spur of the moment decision.) Oh, and not to mention the promised ice cream trip to DQ.

Portland Maine Portrait Photographer, boy wearing white dress shirt and black blazer jacket, leaning against a red brick wall, hands in pocket     Halloween Maine kids portraits, girl sitting against red door, blue jean jacket, looking up at camera with blue eyes

So, there you have it, with some thought, planning, and creativity, and promised ice cream you have a kids fashion shoot. 🙂 Do you want your child to be next? Fill out the contact form and let’s get it on the calendar.

Portland Maine Portrait Photographer, girl in white dress and blue jean jacket swinging around light pole      Halloween Maine kids portraits, boy in white dress shirt sitting against a bright red door, slight smile, hair brushed to one side, looking at the camera

Oh, what will be next?


Owl My Love,


P.S. Here are some tips when preparing your session