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What to Wear

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Photography Tips

I feel like one of the biggest worries parents of newborns have for their photo sessions are “What should I wear?” or what should my baby wear?”  

In today’s blog post – I’ll give you some guidelines and ideas of just what to wear so you can have less stress and check this off your list!

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Neutrals are Nice

Think “neutral” and you can’t go wrong!

Beige, cream and white look great on everyone as do cool gray, black, blush or brown.  If you want to match it to your baby’s sex – I love a blush pink and/or soft baby blue which make everyone look great.

Sticking with subtle, soft colors and patterns is always a safe bet.  Just remember – we want you and your baby to be the focus of the photos – not a crazy patterned outfit however, textures are welcome. That will be another blog to come.

In my opinion the best place to get amazing colors and outfits for the mommas is francescas.


Matching is Magic

If possible in newborn photos only – make sure mom and dad match.  If mom goes with dark colors (such as dark gray or black) – dad should wear this color palette too – or make sure you’re both wearing dark tones.  If mom wears lighter colors – make sure dad wears light colors too.  This helps keep you in unison for the photo and focuses the eye on the real star of the show – your new bundle of joy!

See my Pinterest board with perfect pallet colors.

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What to Wear, Little Owls Photography | Maine Newborn and Children's Photography

Little Owls Photography | Maine Newborn and Children’s Photography


What Should Baby Wear?

Most photos are taken in the baby’s birthday suit or in a blanket or wrap – which I will provide.  Although if you have something special that you’d like your little one photographed in – please bring it along!

I love when clients bring in vintage clothing that is a family heirloom or an item that has special meaning to the family.  Just remember that clothes look best when they fit – which is a little snug – so newborn or preemie sizes is what you want.

Overall – if you keep it simple, solid and neutral – those will all work best for newborn sessions as it keeps the look and feel of the session dreamy and soft – and helps everyone focus on the main model – your new bundle of joy!

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Catherine Gross

Catherine Gross


My name is Catherine and I am a newborn and family portrait photographer in Maine. I love nothing more than cuddling a sweet baby or creating a stunning, fairytale work of art..

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My name is Catherine and I am a newborn, child, and family fine art portrait photographer located in Central Maine. I love nothing more than cuddling a sweet baby or creating a stunning, fairytale work of art.

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