Amber’s Family Session

Getting reading for a family session can be a challenge but it can be a bigger challenge when you have more than one child. Let’s face it, it can be a challenge to get the kids ready and keep them clean. Amber works so hard at planning her session and finding the most adorable outfits and manages to get everyone ready including her amazing husband Kenny. I can always tell she enjoys these sessions, seeing her children grow, letting them be themselves and documenting the little moments, it always shows.

brothers.Big brother holding little brother on his lap sitting pn the grass

big brother sitting in the grass holding his little sisterLittle brother running in the grass near the augusta, Maine capitol

Augusta, Maine capitol

Family Sessions

Family photos are the moments you capture that you often miss in real time. When you get this gallery back many of my clients look at these photos with pure love in their eyes. It is like they are seeing things from a different perspective, one where they can see everything!

mother and son, mom holding up son under the willow tree in augusta maine giving him kisses

dad chasing his two little kids in the grass near the augusta, MAine captiol. daddy holding his daughter

little brother in plaid sitting in the grass in the park playing with leaves

Maine Family Photographer

Being a Maine family photographer has brought me so much joy over the years. I have met many amazing people, and have seen peoples families grow and change. I understand that photography is an investment, I understand what it takes to get everyone on board and ready for a photoshoot. One of the most asked questions are “What do I wear” I will provide blogs to help you in your planning adventure as well as a posing guide. Sometimes these are the little things but they help a lot.

When coming to your session remember not to come with a plan, when little kids are involved everything goes on what they want to do. Oh, and the number one best advice I can give is you always look at me and smile even if I make the weird faces and noises to get your child’s attention. So take the time, put in the small amount of work and let’s book that session.

little brother running in the park with a smile.big brother in the park near the augusta, MAine capitolmom kissing her baby boy in the park


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