The trend all Portland, Maine newborn Photographers are raving about, the cake smash sessions.


There is nothing better than when you photograph a mommas maternity session and build a lasting relationship that carries you through her baby’s years. I have always loved one year pictures for several reasons, mainly because many of my one year clients have been coming to me since before birth and I have also had the opportunity to see them grow and change.


One year pictures are fun for so many other reasons as well, we as photographers get to have fun watching them wobble around and laugh, we get to smile, laugh and relax along with everyone else in the room. Plus, when it comes to the cake smash session is there anything really more fun than watching a one year old dive into a beautifully designed cake for the first time? I think NOT! These are usually the moments that have me rolling with laughter.


Many of my clients have not given their child cake until their one year cake smash so this is always a surprise to us all how it will go. Typically these sessions entail the baby dipping their finger into the frosting and feeling it squish through, slowly pulling it out and giving it a try. When the frosting hits their little mouths that’s when you see their eyes beam with excitement and slight craziness to the sweetness of the frosting. It’s all over after that, the moment they try that frosting these young ones head face first into the cake and eat away into a sugar coma. HAHA.


This little guy, let me tell you his story. This is a military family near and dear to my heart, they are stationed in Japan. Seeing her leave was one of the hardest things I had to deal with, making friends with those in the military is never easy for anyone but you do everything you can to keep your connection and dream about their homecoming. When this little guy was around the age of one they were able to come back to the states for a little family vaca, and we jumped on the opportunity to document his first year the best way possible, with formal pictures and a mickey mouse cake! What could be better than a mickey mouse cake for your first birthday.

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Taking family pictures was quite the adventure, Jaxon is a curious and adventurous little guy who really had better things to do than take some family photos (if only I could show you the bloopers haha hand in moms face.) He was more interested in exploring the studio and chasing after the tonka trucks, but those made for some of the best pictures I must say. However, when he did take a picture with his momma and daddy they turned out to be the sweetest family pictures EVER. It’s funny, as parents we look back on those adorable pictures of our kids and remember everything it took to get that shot from half tears to bribery of gummies and making the strangest noises to get the best smiles. Oh the things we do for love. Once family pictures were done we took a trip to the cake room. This is my favorite part!

midcoast Maine, cake smash, portland newborn photographer

I had a wonderful decorator make the most fantastic mickey mouse cake, and let me tell you it was so beautiful I almost didn’t want it to get ruined. Once we set that cake down I thought that little guy would go to town but…he just sat there and stared at it leeringly. We all sat by and waited for him to give the cake a try but nothing. Jaxon’s mom walked over and dipped his finger into the creamy frosting but he would not try it, once she put the frosting into jaxons mouth he had a moment of excitement and concern, he wasn’t sure what to think about it. Eventually he did eat that cake but in the most delicate manner and with the greatest expressions!

cake smash, midcoast maine, portland newborn photographer

These are the moments mothers and fathers enjoy. These are the sessions that take on a life of their own and as parents you can sit back and just enjoy. I am so thankful to have been part of this little boys first professional photoshoot, a cake smash session at that.


Thinking of booking a cake smash for your little? What cake smash sessions entail, formal family pictures, a cake smash ( all decorations including the cake is covered by me, of course you are always welcome to bring anything special), lastly, a tubby time to clean off all that cake.

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