Welcome Henry

Is this not the cutest little boy you have ever seen?! This is Henry, his beautiful mother contacted me to take his one year pictures, and upon seeing his adorable face I agreed. Henry is the first and only child right now and it was evident how deeply loved and cherished he is by both of his parents. Henry’s mother was so excited to come in and have his very first professional pictures taken, after a few short minutes Henry was off and exploring. When Henry came into the studio he looked so handsome in his one year dinosaur shirt, and was quickly swept away with the huge silver number one balloon waiting for him.

One Year boy sitting on a white background with a plaid sweater and jeans

One year boy in plaid sweater and jeans on a white background on his knees bouncing with excitement, hands in the air

One year boy in plaid sweater looking down showing off his eye lashes One year boy wearing red and black plain sweater on a white background playing with a number one balloon.

First Year Pictures

It is always fun to have my “mini” clients come in for their first professional photo shoot, especially when it is for their first year pictures. What an important milestone to document, not to mention they are the most fun, being able to see them wobble around (when they first learn to walk) to seeing their cheesy beaming smiles. From my experience, this is the photoshoot parents look forward to because their children are beginning to come into their own personalities and they get to enjoy the moment with them.

One year boy with red and black plaid sweater and jeans being held by his mother wearing a white shirt

One year boy with red and black plaid sweater and teddy bear crawling to the camera


Oh Henry, I still can’t stop talking about how great your session was. You were not only adorable but you had a whole set of teeth and had just learned to walk. Once you were comfortable you were laughing, smiling, and basking in the fun. Your mother and I both laughed through the whole session while we chased you around. You kept things so active and fun, and the pictures show. Once you knew you were being photographed your personality was beaming and you had everyone swept away in your joy.


One year boy on white fur wearing a white one piece and touching the gold letter O


Baby Boy in white onsie with gold letter s that spell one, on a white back ground andsitting on white fur holding the O Henry holding each letter that spells one on a white fur rug

One Year Pictures, Why?

Every parent knows how fleeting life is when you have children. When you become a parent, life becomes more fun but also more busy and you forget to truly soak up these moments. It is important to take the time to invest in photography, the best part is you schedule a date with your photographer and you not only capture these major milestones of your little one, but you get to sick back and enjoy the moment while a professional takes the pictures and creates a new experience for you and your family. Photography milestones are not just about documenting your babies milestone, but trusting someone to create another fantastic experience for you to enjoy as a family and be able to walk away with art to share with friends and family and have hanging in your house to see daily. Take the time. Enjoy this moment with our significant other and invest in pictures with you and your child.

Henry crawing to the camera in white one piece and on fur rug

Henry wearing jeans and a white dinosaur shirt that says one, with blue and green pom poms and a silver number one balloon

If you decide to be involved in these pictures here is a blog on What To Wear?


Owl My Love,